This kind of shredder does not use any cutting tools, disassemble the input material particularly gently and quickly by using impact forces. Compared with traditional cutting systems. This shredder has obvious advantages in terms of cutting effect and wear. 

It concentrates on the disintegration of the input material, avoids damaging of the individual components. It is therefore possible to quickly disintegrate valuable waste material without emanating potential harmful substances

from individual parts.



  • Waste refrigerator, washing machine, electric waste etc.
  • Composite materials: metal and plastics, iron and non-ferrous metals, aluminium and plastics, wood and glass.

  • Metal shavings, slag, tin and aluminium cans.
  • Auto parts (accessories, engine unit, exhaust filter)



  • One-stop disassembly and crushing of input materials.
  • The mixed feed is also suitable for diversified feeding.
  • The optimal disassembly of synthetic materials is completed in a short time.
  • Provides a number of optimization processing effect settings, such

    as discharge opening time, rotation speed, etc.